Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new favorite!!!

This quilt is definitely a baby quilt. Anyone expecting?? :) I'm not sure if it should be for a boy or a girl however. The blue is definitely boyish, but to me the design looks kinda girly.... What do you think?

I Love this quilt. It is a new favorite. I love the colors and the quilting. For the quilting design, I just went crazy in all sorts of directions. My inspiration for this quilt was "water" hence the picture by the pool.

The backing for this one is another Batik. (Have you noticed that I love batiks?) I am so in love with the swirly blues... I should have bought more of this fabric!!

Oakley's Quilt

I finished quilting and binding Oakley's quilt. Now I just need to mail it and "Hadley's" quilt to Utah.

One thing I learned about this quilt is that I absolutely HATE the clear mono filament thread. Next time I will try the smoky color, but the clear shows all your mistakes... I almost don't want to give this quilt away because I'm embarrassed of the quilting.

I tried to rip it out and start over, but because this thread is basically like plastic, when I tried to rip it out, I would find that it just snaps. UGHH! It was so frustrating. This quilt top was so cute, and now I just want to throw it away...

I figure it will be alright though... Oakley is only two and I'm sure he isn't going to look at the quilt and think "Ew! no way am I sleeping with a quilt that has not been properly quilted in 100% cotton thread!"

I hope he loves it. I put a lot of love into it even though it doesn't look the greatest!

"Catchy Title Goes Here"

I made this quilt for my sister Crystal. I just love her to pieces. We are probably the two most different people in the world, we have NOTHING, I mean NOTHING in common.
She has Red hair, I have blonde...

She has Blue eyes, I have green...

We are both kinda short....Hey! there's one thing!

Anyhow, I made this quilt for her to thank her for helping us paint parts of our house. It was nice to have her around and just have someone there to talk to me while I painted.

I'm so proud of her and the changes she has made in her life in the last couple of years. I only want the best for her and it makes me so happy to see her happy. She's got a GrEAT job, a new car, and she's living on her own. GOOD JOB SISTAH!!

I used the pattern from the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along. This pattern was really quick, however I can't say that I'm a huge fan. The fabrics looked great on their own, but this pattern didn't really feature the fabrics like I wanted.

Here is the back. I used a bright pink batik. I really need a new camera. This fabric was gorgeous and the picture does not do justice.

A little more of the back below.

Crystal and I went shopping for the fabric together. I helped her pick it out. I hope she loves how it came together! :)

This quilt was huge. It's queen size, this is BY FAR the biggest quilt I have ever made.