Monday, October 12, 2009

We got CARPET! Yeeeeaaaah!

We had carpet installed on Saturday. Our house finally is looking pulled together. It's still a work in progress, but WOAH! What a difference the carpet made. Now we need to finish up the bathrooms and laundry room.

Above: The Guest Room (this blue turned out so pretty! It's so relaxing)

Our kitchen had honey oak cabinets. YUCK! I felt like I was in my parents house. We painted them white and put new handles on. Painting cabinets is TREACHEROUS! But... I love, love, love the white. The white cabinets made the kitchen look pulled together, fresh, and ready for some gooood cookin'!

Yeah... you can see we threw all our junk in the laundry room for the picture.... haha
P.S. That fridge was a total tithing blessing. Terry works at Lowe's and we got an $1800 fridge for $750 because it was a returned item. STEAL PEOPLE!! STEAL I SAY!!

Above is our master bedroom, pretty empty right now. Terry did all the trim and installed the closet organizers. SWEET!

Now we need to get the electricity hooked up, the final occupancy certificate and we're good to go! Sound simple? NOT! PG&E has a 6-8 week waiting list... If we're lucky, we might get in by Christmas.

We want to move in so badly. Words cannot describe. We have been working on this house since March, when we first went to go see it. It's been a TON of hard work. But now that it's getting closer to being finished, we feel an immense amount of satisfaction since we've out so much love into our home.

We are making a trip to IKEA for my birthday to buy some furniture and fill up our cute house. Yippee! :)