Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Quilt for a Special Two Year Old...

This quilt is going to a big-brother-to-be. It's not finished yet.... I started this one while on vacation in Washington also. I didn't have a pattern, just a bunch of my mother in law's scraps. It kinda ended up like one big log cabin block.


I am SOOO procrastinating my homework tonight. For some reason, I am just not feeling warm and fuzzy enough to write my "philosophy of education."

Any way here is another WIP. I currently have four. EEK! Will I ever get these quilts finished?

This is my take on a stacked coin quilt. Usually stacked coin quilts are made vertically, but mine ended up horizontal because I wanted it to be BIG! I love the colors of the quilt, it makes me think of summer. One reason I haven't finished this quilts yet is because I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet!

I used a charm pack called "riveria" from Connectingthreads. I really like connecting threads, they only sell fabric that is made from cotton grown in the USA.

My first Abstract Quilt

This is my first abstract quilt. I got an idea and just ran with it. I finished the quilt top in about 4 hours. It's not complete, but here's a sneak peak. I'm really excited to finish this one if I ever find the time!!

Yet Another Rag Quilt......

I made this quilt in Washington while on vacation. I used my Mother in Law's Pfaff. Man, how I have got to get one of those!!

This quilt has become a favorite between Terry and I. We fight over this quilt every night. It's light weight and perfect to throw over you to cuddle in while watching a good movie. The colors are so relaxing, it's like sleeping in a cloud!

Baby Pinwheel Quilt

This quilt was made just to get experience with triangles. I SOOO needed the practice. This is the first quilt I ever machine quilted, which makes it special. I wanted to give this one away but once Terry saw it, he wanted me to keep it. He said, "Kyra what about when we have a baby girl??" I thought he was so sweet I decided to hang onto it.

*DISCLAIMER* we are NOT expecting! :)

Baby Rag Quilt

This quilt was so fun to make. It took about two hours from start to finish. That includes cutting the fabric, ironing, sewing, cutting, washing, and drying. I made this quilt for a certain someone who is expecting a baby girl. I can't wait to give it to her! I hope she doesn't read this blog before I can give it to her!

This Rag Quilt turned out much better. Even after the wash, there were no seams to repair. On this Rag Quilt, I left about a 3/4 inseam. It sounds like a lot, but once you cut the inseam to make the fray, there is a lot of fabric there to make it nice and fluffy!

Finished Zig Zag


In May Terry and I went to the No Doubt concert. IT WAS AWESOME! I LOVE LOVE LOVE No Doubt. It was so fun. I bought the tickets as a graduation present to myself... hehe.. We were incredibly lucky. Gwen Stefani got off the stage and ran through the crowed and stopped right where we were sitting. She stood up on the chair and sang the "I'm just a girl" song. She was literally about two feet away from me! It was amazing, she is so talented.

Overall the concert was a blast, but I just have to add that a stupid drunk girl spilled her beer down the back of my shirt. Terry was really angry, and so was I. There was nothing I could do about it, and I smelled like nasty beer for the rest of the night. DISGUSTING!


Rag Quilting

This is the first rag quilt I've ever done. (I know the pictures are horrible! When I took them I had no intention of putting out there for all to see!) It was definitely an experience. I didn't have a pattern, I just made it up in my head. This would have been totally fine, except when you rag quilt you need to leave a BIG seam allowance. I learned this the hard way and after I washed it, I had to repair about 3 seams.... EEK! However, one thing I do LOVE about this kind of quilts is that they are extremely soft and cuddly. I have made three more of them since and will post pictures of them soon.

Above are pictures as a WIP.... and the finished product below!

This one was made for my friend's baby girl. I wish I had a better picture!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Step 3: make room for a drive way

So I'm still figuring out this whole blog thing, and the pictures are completely out of order... but, here are some pictures of us cleaning out and knocking down the garage. We took down the old garage because we needed a way to drive back to our house. This was a HUUUUGGE ordeal. My grandpa (is amazing and one of the best men I've ever known) likes to keep everything! I mean every bolt, screw, and nut! It was a very long and exhausting process to go through everything in the garage, get rid of stuff, and finally knock it down.

Thanks bob for letting us do take it down!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home: Step 2

After all the trees were ripped out, we had to get some dirt. ELEVEN truck loads specifically. I never thought in my life we would pay so much money for stinkin' dirt! This part was fun though. Huge trucks came out and dumped the dirt, then Terry or my dad would roll over it with the tractor to make a nice smooth foundation for our home. I would spray it down with a good helping of water to keep it packed down.

We had to get the dirt because our home will be in the middle of the walnut orchard which we flood with water to irrigate.

Zig Zag Quilt

This is one of the first quilts I have done in a LONG time. It's a zig zag quilt. I LOVE this pattern and am definitely going to make one again in a different color scheme. (Thanks Amandajean!! from Crazy Mom Quilts!)

This picture was taken while it was a WIP. I will have to get my hubby to hold it up for me so I take picture of the finished product. This quilt has been finished for about a month now. It has been washed in sweet yummy smelling snuggle and is tucked safely away. I plan on using this quilt in the living room in our new house.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The beginnings of our home

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We bought a 1560 square foot manufactured home. Terry and I are thrilled! We first looked at the house on March 20th. Four months later, the house is finally on the ranch. Here are some pictures documenting all the hard work we've put in to make this possible.

First, we ripped out some trees. Eleven to be exact. Some were in the orchard and a few were in front of Grandma's house that she wanted gone. As you can see Terry loved that back hoe. It was so exciting to watch the trees be ripped out of the ground with ease by the back hoe.

Here is Bob and I... the greatest grandpa ever!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get your Quilt on!

Recently I have become an avid quilter. That's an understatement... Recently I have been quilting ever spare minute of my life. I love looking at all the other quilting blogs online and getting inspiration, so maybe... (hopefully!) some quilters out there will see my blog and get some ideas from what I have done also. This being said, stayed tuned for some pictures of the quilts I have completed in the last couple months.