Sunday, February 14, 2010

We're parents!!

Terry and I got a dog on Friday! I think she is a Pomeranian Yorkie mix. We got her from the pound, they originally said that she was a brussels griffon mix, but since those are so rare, I doubt that is what she really is. She is eight months old and fully grown. She weighs about 3-4 pounds.

We decided to name her Zoey. At first I wanted to name her "Snookie" from the show Jersey Shore... Notice the resemblance?? However, ever time I call "Snookie!!" I don't want to think of this chick.
So far Zoey has been a great dog. We are crate and clicker training her. She loves to cuddle and will sit on my lap for hours while I do homework. She has only barked once and that was at grandma's house because she saw old grumpy Leon. (The Cat) Zoey is a good little friend, but not a great watch dog. We got her because Terry is going to Washington this summer and I wanted to have a dog to keep my company at the house so I'm not all by myself.