Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Special Trip

Crystal and I got to make a special trip to southern CA in September. We had a lot of fun hanging out together and bonding. We got to hang out with Ayden for a little while. He has a ton of energy and is a really spontaneous boy. Ayden has so many people that love him.

While we were there, Ayden wanted to sit by Crystal at dinner, but he had to sit in his high chair. Being a two year old, he threw a little fit. He was pretty upset. His mom said, "Ayden, if you say the prayer you will feel better." At first, Ayden didn't want to say the prayer but he changed his mind and said the cutest blessing on the food. About half way through dinner, at the top of his lungs, Ayden shouted, "MOM! It worked!" The rest of us had no clue what he was talking about. Ayden explained, "You said I'd feel better if I said the prayer, and now I feel better!" What a cute but sincere testimony that prayers really do work!


Thanksgiving was awesome. We went to St. George and met our newest neice Hadley. We were so lucky we were able to be there for her baby blessing. Welcome to our crazy family Hadley!!


Our house is looking better and better everyday! (in my opinion, of course!) I can't keep up blogging the pics with our crazy busy life!

Furniture Recycling

Decorating our house on a shoestring budget has been fun, challenging, stressful, and interesting. However, I'm really enjoying developing some new talents and learning some things that if I had an unlimited decorating budget I otherwise wouldn't have learned.

I got these tables at the Kings Christian thrift store for $15 bucks. I was super excited. They aren't really my taste, but we needed some nightstands, and you can't really beat that price. I stained them a dark mahogany.

tables- $15
stain- $4.00
varnish remover- $7.00
labor- me = FREE
polyurethane- FREE (we already had some)

total cost- $26.00 for two nightstands!

Yes, my husband can build cool stuff!

Over Christmas Terry and I worked on our front deck. Terry built it, and I stained it. It's not completely finished in these pics, but it has been raining outside for the last week so this is the best pic I have.

Terry has these hidden talents. He can do stuff like build a deck, run electricity to the house, and play the drums. You think you know a person when you marry them, but I'm just now finding out Terry can do this kind of stuff and we've been married for almost two years!!

These are the only pics I have of the house with the new exterior paint. I wish I had some taken when it was lighter out. MAN! I'm so glad we are rid of the baby blue trim. I LOVE the new color!

I can't wait to spend some summer evenings on the deck with a glass of lemonade and friends!


My posts are totally out of order, I KNOW!!

In July, we got our house. It came on a big truck. AND IT WAS SO EXCITING!! When we first got the place it was a big piece of junk. We've done a TON of work and we will be moving in soon. PG&E is coming the second week of February to put in the new power pole, (yeah! we get our very own power pole!) transformer (no, not the kind that mutate and talk and blow things up) and connect power to our meter box.

Here are some pictures of when the house was "delivered." This day was so surreal to Terry and I. The house has gone through a major transformation from when we first got it. I will post more of the "after" pics soon.

TMI- our crapper system

I haven't posted in FOREVER!! We had our septic system installed in August of 2009. For those of you who don't know what a septic system looks like, here's what it entails when you live in the country...

1. Leech lines 2. Septic tank 3. Money

It was pretty cool to watch the guys put this in. They did it ALL in one day. I guess when you have the right tools, machinery, and a team of 5 experienced guys, you can get a lot done in one day. P.S. If you ever need a septic system installed I highly recommend Unruh Backhoe Service.