Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yes, my husband can build cool stuff!

Over Christmas Terry and I worked on our front deck. Terry built it, and I stained it. It's not completely finished in these pics, but it has been raining outside for the last week so this is the best pic I have.

Terry has these hidden talents. He can do stuff like build a deck, run electricity to the house, and play the drums. You think you know a person when you marry them, but I'm just now finding out Terry can do this kind of stuff and we've been married for almost two years!!

These are the only pics I have of the house with the new exterior paint. I wish I had some taken when it was lighter out. MAN! I'm so glad we are rid of the baby blue trim. I LOVE the new color!

I can't wait to spend some summer evenings on the deck with a glass of lemonade and friends!