Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new favorite!!!

This quilt is definitely a baby quilt. Anyone expecting?? :) I'm not sure if it should be for a boy or a girl however. The blue is definitely boyish, but to me the design looks kinda girly.... What do you think?

I Love this quilt. It is a new favorite. I love the colors and the quilting. For the quilting design, I just went crazy in all sorts of directions. My inspiration for this quilt was "water" hence the picture by the pool.

The backing for this one is another Batik. (Have you noticed that I love batiks?) I am so in love with the swirly blues... I should have bought more of this fabric!!


  1. way cute.. you need to come to my house and show me where to get the time to play.. I don't know where you find it although you don't have 3 kids running around yet - so you just wait!! have fun in the meantime... they are great!

  2. great quilt. I think it could be either, girl or boy.. It is so cute.. I need to learn to quilt. You are really making some beauties. Love you..