Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home: Step 2

After all the trees were ripped out, we had to get some dirt. ELEVEN truck loads specifically. I never thought in my life we would pay so much money for stinkin' dirt! This part was fun though. Huge trucks came out and dumped the dirt, then Terry or my dad would roll over it with the tractor to make a nice smooth foundation for our home. I would spray it down with a good helping of water to keep it packed down.

We had to get the dirt because our home will be in the middle of the walnut orchard which we flood with water to irrigate.

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  1. hey there kyra.. good to see you and that you are a new blogger.. love to see family from far away.. actually, we are in Hanford until next Tuesday (Aug 4) Hope to see you two and your hard work is looking great! Excited for you and to see some of your quilts!!